Does Listing in Directories Help Your Business?

Posted by: Eva Prada      February 21, 2019


Gone are the days when people had to look up businesses in trade journals and yellow pages. Everything is currently moving online thus making things much easier than before. If you do not adapt to these trends, there is no doubt that your business will take years to grow in the modern world. Businesses can be found online by searching in reputable online business directories and Google. If you want your business to be noticed in the current digital era, you have to make use of directories. You have probably seen dozens of online directories for regions, industries, and other niches. Let’s now have a look at how these online directories can benefit your businesses.

Strengthened business reputation

If your business is not listed in directory of business, it shuts you from getting either positive or negative reviews. Positive reviews will earn you a good reputation thus leading to increased sales. Negative reviews are also beneficial to businesses because they help you understand your weaknesses and ways of improving your business to gain a good reputation. Customers trust a business that has a mix of both positive and negative reviews. Such reviews show that your products and services are genuine. A good reputation is built when customers understand the positive side and drawbacks of what business reputarionyou offer. Customer initiated directories have a big role in creating a positive outburst of reviews thus contributing to a better online reputation.

Increased online presence

There are millions of internet users available online every second, how to you take advantage of this to grow your business? Some businesses are available in online directories where they did not submit a listing. Most current business directories automatically create listings or pull from other types of directories.

If your business is listed in one directory, there are high chances that it will appear in others. This simply means that you are killing two birds with one stone. More people in different regions will have an opportunity to learn more about your business. To prevent wrong information from being passed to customers, it is advisable that you regularly update the listing.

Favorable competition

If you start a successful business, someone else will use that idea to start another better business. Do you just sit and wait for your downfall as the competitor takes over? You need to stand out and be aggressive to survive in a world of cutthroat competition. By listing your business, more consumers will learn about what you offer and why it is better than your competitors. Additionally, consumers will gain trust in your products and services thus becoming the better option for them.

Increased web traffic

Just like a phonebook, the same working principle applies to online business directories. Online directories list businesses in several categories. Users click on their preferred choice and pick a business that best fulfills their interests. It is advisable to link it to your business website so that the reader will learn more about you. You are able to get more customers by linking your business to a business listing. Free traffic!

Increased brand awareness

When anyone conducts a search in a business directory, relevant results are displayed. If a search on beauty companies is carried out, a list of various companies offering the same services will be displayed. Even though the user may not click your business, they will still see it and have some memory of it. Every encounter with your business online increases familiarity and awareness. This may encourage the reader to engage your business further.

SEO boost

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to providing web content in a way that search engines will rank it higher and favor it in results for searches made by users. Gaining trust of users is something that is highly valued by search engines. An online directory listing is a great way of supplementing and supporting existing information thus making it valid.

Cheap or free service

Advertising your business can be quite expensive and not every business can afford expensive marketing. This does not mean that you should give up on advertising. Most online business directories offer free services. Since these directories experience heavy traffic, you can benefit from it by just investing time. You do not have to pay to get your business in most listings.

It may take time to gain visibility but it’s worth every minute of your time. If you cannot manage to do the listing by yourself, seek the services of administrative staff who will make use of the marketing platform to ensure that the information displayed is valid.

The amount of money that some online directories charge is quite low. You cannot compare what you pay with the number of customers you acquire and other benefits such as creation of brand awareness. This is a great opportunity for a business that is not well established because the costs are affordable so they do not limit growth.

Rinse, measure, and repeat

Suppose your business is listed in over 40 business directories. Keeping track of all these business listings can be an uphill task. However, it is important to always check on the progress and the type of information displayed. Failure to that may lead to a poor reputation or trust issues with your customers.

Are all these directories working? Yauzer.com is one of the trusted sites proven to work for businesses. Have you identified other directories that work perfectly for your brand? These are some of the most important questions that you should ask yourself in such a situation. Do your own research to discover the most successful links and the source of information. This way, you will be able to identify mistakes and correct them in the early stages before they mislead you customers.

Starting a business is not all about finding an appropriate location, acquiring licenses, and providing quality services and products. You need to step out of the comfort zone and let the world know that your business exists. Online business directories will help your business grow at a fast rate because you will enjoy increased traffic, low advertisement costs, benefit from customer reviews, be ahead of competitors, build a positive brand reputation, and rank better in search engines.

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