How social is your social media? And is it important?

Posted by: Tony Prada      October 22, 2018


We are in the 21st century where almost everything is going digital and your business should not be left behind. Whether you are running a big national company or a small local business, the fact is that your business requires a social media presence. According to the Pew Research center, 78% of American adults are Instagram users, 68% are Facebook users, and 45% are on Twitter. Interestingly, the wave of social media is not ending anytime soon and the industry is bound to become bigger and better as many people continue to join.

It is therefore important for every business to leverage correct social media channels given that the target audiences are everywhere around the popular social networks. When you give your business brand the touch of social media, you generate more business and you excellently connect with your customers and serve them efficiently. If you're not using social media for your business, you are surely missing out on a huge opportunity on an inexpensive, fast, and most efficient way to reach many people across the world. If you are there and your business is experiencing no growth, you might be asking yourself, how important or useful are your social media channels for your business? If you are in that category, you have come to the right place and let's find out.

Boosts sales

The principal reason for every business owner is to make as much profit as possible. When you start a business, you only attract customers within your vicinity and you might not sell as you expect. However, with more than two billion social media users across the world, it can help you sell your products and services faster. Your social media accounts are basically your sales funnel meaning that each and every contact is a potential customer. With the technology at its best, you can sell your products online and have them delivered to their customers anywhere in the world. This means that social media increases sales and thus maximize profit.

Helps you to understand your audience

Social media channels such as Instagram and Twitter provide a solid interaction with your customer base. For instance, anytime you read your customer's status updates and tweets, you connect with them and understand their needs and their level of satisfaction as long as your business is concerned.

The social media channels also help you to respond to your customers in the following areas; The type of products they buy and why. The hobbies they have. The websites they visit.

The posts they love to share

The above insights are very paramount in today's business. After understanding your clients, you try all your best to make them happy by writing better content and better posts which in turn lead to more traffic. Besides, understanding your customer helps you identify their pain points and enhance sales conversations to refine your product strategy to satisfy them.

Social media ads enhance targeting and retargeting

Social media platforms offer targeted ads which you can customize around the needs of your customers. When taking Facebook ads, for instance, it's possible to target clients by specific factors such as location, user behavior, age, industry, and education level and a good example is the pages users like. For effectiveness, you are supposed to install Facebook pixel on your web which can track how your customer behavior is affected by your ads and this helps you to retarget your ads promptly. With time, Facebook identifies users who buy a product or click your link and thus delivers your ads to the people capable of converting into solid leads and sales.

Social media enhances customer services

A business can either attract customers or lose customers depending on the kind of customer services it has. Customers want to buy products or services from a business that responds to their needs promptly and in case of any mishap, they expect you to solve it without any delay. It is not easy to meet the needs of every customer but it's only a few businesses with exceptional customer services that survive in this competitive industry. According to a study from Sprout Social, customers expect social media response in not more than four hours. Customer services affect the profit your business gets directly and customers are willing to buy from companies that respond to their complaints and requests within the shortest time possible. Luckily with social media channels, you can have a strong engagement with your customers to keep them happy, satisfied, and keep your public image positive.

Social media adds to your press release strategy

lf you are planning to make a change in your firm or launch a new product, all you need is a press release and it could be no better than using social media channels. It will provide a space and an opportunity to reach to your target customers in a more conversational and personal way. To make it even better, your customers can ask any burning question and you'll answer them right then and there.

Social media helps you find customers who have little or no information about your brand

When using social media channels to market your company, you reach out to customers who could be searching for information concerning your product or service. If using Twitter, for instance, you can apply Hootsuite in setting up streams and follow certain keywords connected to your products or industry. Anytime you recognize persons busy tweeting about your products, you guide them to your website or explain how important your product is in meeting their needs. Interestingly, this strategy is important to those who tweet about your brand but have no idea about a new product or use case. Therefore, you can reach out to them with new and clear information and influence their buying decision and at the same time tell them why they should try your brand.

Social media posts can drive targeted traffic

No matter how small or big your business is, there is absolutely a portion of your clients and leads on the social media. As stated earlier, nearly two billion people are on social media and can help you in boosting traffic especially for new website content. With social media posts, the public gets an opportunity to find your new web content and can get to your site with a single click. The posts become noticeable in the follower’s feeds and anyone interested in the products you are selling which means that the traffic is very targeted and links to the types of visitors you'd like to attract.

How social media helps you grow

Now that you already know how important social media channels are for your business, you could be asking yourself, does it really help you grow? The simple answer to that question is yes, it does. And if you're wondering how let's find out;

Social media is cost-effective, it saves you money and helps you to get good returns. It reaches people of all ages and demographics. It encourages two-way communication. Social media users are active and your product or service can trend throughout the world within a short time. It gives you an opportunity to share so much about your business and get feedback on how customers think about your products or service which tells you where improvements are needed.

How to maintain the social media presence

Use consistent photos and headshots. Create and share content related to your business. Utilize visual content Cross promote your content across all social media channels. Advertise your business. Identify your audience and understand their needs.

Final thoughts

 The technology is at its best and social media has proven to be an important tool for any business interested in remaining relevant and gaining exposure online; it helps you to reach out too many people across the world and this increases sales and eventually helps you to make more profit. Social media can also help you generate more web traffic, find new leads, understand your audience better regarding their shopping habits and their needs, and improve customer services.

Therefore, choose the right social media platform for your business and enjoy its benefits.

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