Defining the letters of the word YAUZER in numerological meanings:

His foot seems to fluctuate on its undeveloped base (soil, materiality). The base supports two antennas that capture energy from dimensions above (thought). The energy captured is reduced in the hollow of the two antennas that indicates a certain duality (no room for much energy). Unsure of himself, the Y is questioning, analyzing and processing problems of several sides at once, giving it a certain mystery.

His position is as solid as the Chinese wall. Having a solid foundation, the A is protective and reassuring. His horizontal line supports its strength at central level. You can think of this letter as a powerful energy capacitor or a missile ready to take off.

As a container, the U leaves a large aperture skyward (thinking, intuition), he is filled with energies up to the matter (the base, the concrete). Its base is round and indicates instability hence its classification as a movable letter.

Symbol of great energy, the shape of Z reminds us of alertness, lightning or even the signing of Zorro in the service of the truth, and justice for the poor. This letter embodies financial security at its base (material), justice through action (the central antenna), and reasoning (the horizontal antenna from the top).

There is no smoothness or rounded angles. The letter E gives several frank directions and encourages to change in all directions. The horizontal lines are predominant, that of the bottom represents the earth, that of the top stands for thought and the middle line is the physical body. The head is in the service of sex. The whole is supported by a straight line which directs its energy on its three branches as a rake. These three antennas serve as receivers to assist in communication.

This reminds us of the letter P, but the letter R has one extra leg that seems to take a step forward. Looking like a soldier blowing his chest to show his ambition. It shows flexibility with side B. Retaining its emotions. Having a form that is complex and filled with various and sometimes contradictory information.

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