Traveling Across Texas

Posted by: Eva Prada      April 13, 2023


Texas is the largest state in the US and yet travelers continually fail to consider the sheer gravity of the state. It is said that everything is bigger in Texas, and you might find that to be so when you begin traveling across this great state. Texas seems to have it all and on your next journey, you might want to think of venturing to these impressive Texas cities.


Dallas is the first major city you will come across when traveling into the northern tip of the state. It boasts an array of attractions for virtually every traveler and a high-end transit system that makes getting around the city exceptionally easy. Dallas has been home to some of the most important US history events, and they have many dedicated museums for the occasion. Among the most popular is the 6th Floor Museum of Dealey Plaza.

Travelling across Texas - Dallas.

If political history and various conspiracy theories are not your idea of a good way to spend a vacation, consider one of the many other museums available. The Perot Museum of Natural Science is popular among younger travelers and the Dallas Museum of Art is a great idea for artists who are above the age of 10. However, if you want to be amazed, Dallas, Texas houses a unique museum. The Museum of Illusion is a can’t miss attraction. Dare to be amazed and mystified by wonders beyond your imagination.

When the weather is nice in Dallas, which is about 232 days per year, take the family or friends you are traveling with, to one of the many parks in the city. Klyde Warren Park and Riverchon Park are great places to enjoy nature while Lakeside Park is ideal for families who need to entertain small children. However, one of the more popular and enjoyable parks to visit is Fair Park. The various rides and attractions can keep you and your crew busy all day long.

Park of what makes a good trip a great one is finding that amazing spot to eat. In Dallas, TX, that is not an issue. There is seemingly a stunning culinary delight around every corner. YO Ranch Steakhouse is where you can dine on authentically Texas sized portions of high-end beef, but if high end Barbecue is on your taste buds, check out Pecan Lodge. If you are in the mood for something a little lighter, Sachet is an exceptional Mediterranean restaurant in the city. When in Dallas, it is best to just roam around and find something you like. You will not be disappointed.


Where Dallas is known for being a haven for the upper crust, Austin is known for something a little different. Austin, Texas is home to live music and shows. If you are a fan of virtually any genre of music, you can find a show or a lot of shows somewhere in Austin. Each night the city comes alive with music pouring out of every venue imaginable. Walking the streets of Austin will give you the ability to hear any type of music you desire, but it is recommended that you find your favorite band and attend a show or two while you are here.

Travelling across Texas - Austin

Although the nightlife in Austin is impeccable, it is not the only form of entertainment. During the day, you can treat your group to a variety of wilderness opportunities and parks. Wild Basin Animal Preserve and the Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve allows you to get up close and personal with wildlife and Barton Creek Greenbelt lets you relax in the cool water on a hot summer day. Speaking of a hot summer day, never neglect the opportunity to visit Barton Springs Pool. It is a naturally fed spring pool that is remarkably popular with locals and visitors alike.

While traveling through Austin, Texas you might find a few odd things along the way and thankfully, they have a museum devoted to all things weird. The Museum of the Weird will give you a journey through the strange, odd, and somewhat confusing, but if you are not into odd things, there are plenty of other museums to choose from. The Bullock Texas State History Museum and the Mexic-Arte Museum are just a few of the many museum opportunities you should not miss.

When you feel that rumble in your tummy, Austin does not disappoint and the first stop on your culinary journey should be Franklin Barbecue. This barbecue restaurant is a staple in Austin and people line up for up to 3 hours just to get a plate of their famous brisket. Should standing in line for hours not suit you, consider making a reservation at Lenoir. This restaurant offers a prefixed menu that changes every week. Pair your favorite dish with a glass of wine and enjoy the night in Austin.

San Antonio

While looking attractions in San Antonio, you will see a lot about the Alamo. Where this is a significant part of San Antonio’s illustrious history, it is not all this city is about. Certainly, visit the historic sites throughout the city, but San Antonio is a modern, thriving city that desires to be explored. Take your time while you are here and enjoy the many days of sunshine while visiting.

Travelling across Texas - San Antonio

Some of the more famous sites are the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park and the Cathedral of San Fernando. However, the real treat can be found far below ground. Natural Bridge Caverns is an epic adventure. Exploring this cave system offers a variety of stalagmites, stalactites, and rock formations, but it has an added bonus. The caverns allow you time out of the heat when visiting during the summer. The heat can be quite significant, so be prepared.

San Antonio has a few unexpected attractions. One of the most enjoyable is SeaWorld San Antonio. This amusement park offers both an aquarium experience where you can get up close and personal with marine life, but also provides epic rollercoasters and rides to keep everyone happy. SeaWorld San Antonio is possibly the best place in the city to cool off and enjoy time with family and friends.

Like most major cities in Texas, San Antonio does not disappoint when it comes to enjoyable places to eat. Among the top establishments is simply called Cured. This restaurant is devoted to all things charcuteries. If you are unfamiliar with the term, they cure meats and pair their house made cured meats with a variety of spreads, cheeses, and breads to tempt your taste buds. However, if something a little more substantial calls your name, take a trip to the Range. This incredible steakhouse is a San Antonio tradition and part of Texas culinary history.

El Paso

El Paso is located on the southern end of the state close to the Mexican border and the Spanish influence is remarkably strong in this part of the state. This city boasts a thriving cultural scene evident in the El Paso Downtown Artist and Farmer’s Market. The event happens regularly and is one that should not be missed.

Travelling across Texas - El Paso

While in El Paso, you will likely be treated to bright sunny days and outdoor activities are always on the table. El Paso even has a theme park to keep your little ones happy. Western Playland is a 30-acre park that is a true treat for the whole family. Amusement Park rides, roller coasters, and sky buckets can be found in this enjoyable park. If your crew prefers something a little less exciting, take them to the El Paso Zoo to see some of Texas’s best animals.

Native people are abundant in El Paso and therefore, it is easy to become encapsulated with local tribes and cultures. One of the best places to invest in the local culture is the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Cultural Center and the Centennial Museum and Chihuahuan Desert Gardens. While on your journey through this amazing town in Texas, never neglect the opportunity to invest in the local atmosphere in these amazing cultural opportunities.

Walking around the heat in El Paso will make you thirsty and wildly hungry. Thankfully, El Paso is not just a cultural city. They like to eat as well. Tacoholics, L & J Café, and Café Central are just a few of the many impressive eateries throughout El Paso. El Paso is not just about Southwestern food. They have some of the best Lebanese cuisine as well. Salma Farah’s is a quint eatery where you can have fresh focaccia, gyros, fatayer pastries, and more. El Paso is a culinary mecca so enjoy trying everything.

Texas is an eclectic state full of life and vigor. When traveling through this state, make sure you drink plenty of water and keep the fluids checked in your vehicle. It is hot, dry, but also a ton of fun. Never be afraid of something a little strange in Austin or something a little culturally relevant in El Paso. Enjoy the journey and find your favorite place in Texas.

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