Traveling Across the Great Lakes

Posted by: Eva Prada      April 20, 2023


America is full of some of the most inspirational regions to be found anywhere in the world. If you are an avid traveler looking to fill your calendar with amazing destinations, try traveling across the Great Lakes. These stunning cities are more than just a series of various lakes and summer fun. They are meant to be explored and enjoyed, so have a great time exploring some of the best Great Lakes locations.

Chicago, IL

Chicago is a historic landmark in America. It was home to some of the most important historic events in the country. From the impressive architectural feet of Willis Tower to the infamous history of mob bosses throughout Chicago, this city continues to impress and empower those who visit it. Chicago has a rich rood culture and has also been a key ingredient in immigrant history in the US. There is far too much to see in this illustrious city, so make sure to spend plenty of time exploring all Chicago has to offer.

Travelling across the Great Lakes - Chicago

For those who have an affinity for art, Chicago delivers impeccably. Among the most famous artistic landmarks is the Art Institute of Chicago. Although the Art Institutes can be found throughout the country, none have the same credibility and artistic impact as the Art Institute of Chicago. Additionally, the city is home to MAC or the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. The Museum of Science and Industry is another location for travelers who want to explore what is and what can become through imagination and science.

Chicago, IL houses some of the most architecturally relevant buildings and structures you will ever see. Adler Planetarium and Tribune Tower are impressive buildings, but why not take in architecture while letting the kids have a little fun. The Lincoln Park Zoo has a vast array of exotic and regional animals on display, but the park is also full of impressive structures such as the arch that showcases the Chicago Skyline beautifully. Make sure to take plenty of pictures when you visit here.

The Chicago food scene is truly one of a kind. While moving through the city, there is no shortage of amazing eateries to choose from. However, there are a few that stand out on their own. Among the top restaurants in the city is Time Out Market Chicago. Choose from 18 different kitchens and three bars. Diners can enjoy the unique atmosphere of the light soaked atrium while they eat or move to the stunning rooftop terrace for an impressive dining experience.

Detroit, MI

If all you know about Detroit, MI is their car history, you are missing out. Where it is true you can be enveloped in automotive history at the Henry Ford Museum, you cannot forget that the city has had a major influence in music and civil rights. While enjoying this illustrious history visit the Motown Museum, the Detroit Historical Museum, and Charles H. Wright Museum African American History.

Travelling across the Great Lakes - Detroit

Learning is an important part of Detroit. The city has ensured that certain cultural elements remain in place to empower the next generation to continue learning. The Michigan Science Center and the Belle Isle Aquarium are just a few of the more impressive indoor learning opportunities for you and your family. However, if roaming the outdoors is what you desire, the Anna Whitcomb Conservatory offers both an indoor conservatory with the added bonus of impeccably maintained grounds. You can spend days learning about anything you desire in Detroit.

Few historic cities have ensured their history remains intact quite like Detroit. One of the ways they have ensured history never dies is their emphasis on churches and cathedrals throughout the city. St Catherine of Siena Roman Catholic Church and St Joseph’s Episcopal Church are just a few of the many impressive churches you can see in Detroit, IL. St Joseph Oratory and Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament are a few more churches that should not be missed.

Travelers like to eat and when moving through the Great Lakes on your journey through Detroit, IL, you will be pleasantly surprised to see some truly amazing restaurants. Among Detroit’s most notable restaurants is Noble Fish. This establishment is an institution in the city and has been instrumental in the development of the Detroit food scene for the past 30 years. They specialize in sushi and allow guests to watch their favorite sushi being prepared by expert chefs in the area.

Michigan City, IN

Sometimes, it is nice to find a smaller town to visit and when traveling through the Great Lakes, a stop over in Michigan City, IN is essential. This city has been growing, but does not have over 40,000 residents currently. However, what they do have is an impressive location on the Michigan Border and Lake Michigan. Additionally, Dunes National Park is close by, so you can enjoy true serenity.

Travelling across the Great Lakes - Michigan City

Although biking might not be a good idea in larger cities, Michigan City, IN has been designed to be highly adaptable to bikes. Much of the city can be accessed without driving, so for the outdoorsy family or friend group, bring along your bikes and enjoy. Heron Rookery is a great location for active bikers. Biking in this location is a bit of a challenge and many professionals venture here for the challenge, so make sure you know what you are doing before taking on this adventure.

Washington Park Zoo is another excellent location to visit while in Michigan City. This zoo features 15 full acres full of impressive animals and maintains an animal sanctuary environment for over 90 species of creatures. When you have had enough animals, venture down to Central Avenue Beach. This location used to be inside Dunes National Park, but has since become its own destination. Migratory birds can be viewed while hiking the many trails at the beach, but you can also fish and swim, so there is something for everyone.

Exploring the beauty of Michigan City, IN will make anyone hungry and when your tummy begins to rumble, finding a place to eat is never an issue. Panini Panini is possibly the best place to visit for homemade breads, soups, and salads and Chickpea is ideal for traditional Mediterranean food. However, if breakfast is what you crave, Memo’s House of Pancakes cannot be beat. The city also has some quintessentially American restaurants also with Fiddlehead Restaurant and Galveston Steakhouse.

Milwaukee, WI

Cultural diversity is built into every aspect of Milwaukee, WI. This city is a stunning example of what immigrant ingenuity can do for an up and coming city. Much of Milwaukee’s success can be linked to its German immigrants who brought the beer and brewing culture to the area. America would be a vastly different place if German’s never immigrated to this part of the country. However, there is far more to Milwaukee than just hops and barley.

Travelling across the Great Lakes - Milwaukee

Milwaukee is a hub for various museums. If there is something you want to learn more about, the city likely has a museum devoted to it. The Harley Davidson Museum is an ideal location for the biker in all of us. Harley Davidson history is imbedded into the very fabric of American culture, so take the time to learn a little more about it. If motorcycles are not your forte, and art is more your style, the Milwaukee Art Museum will be your favorite place. The building, itself is an architectural and artistic marvel. It should not be missed.

Naturally, in a city as large as Milwaukee, a zoo is essential. The Milwaukee County Zoo will not disappoint the animal lovers in your crew. Not only is this zoo a sprawling 200 acre establishment, it is also an important part of the city’s history. Built in 1892, the Milwaukee County Zoo is one of the older zoos in the country. Each year, the zoo features 2,200 animals and 330 species to view and enjoy. Take your time when exploring this attraction and never neglect the opportunity to snap a picture of some impressive creatures.

Although you can find virtually every type of restaurant imaginable in Milwaukee, why not try out something a little unique. Ardent is a destination restaurant for sure. They offer a daily tasting menu that can cost up to $135 for 10 plates. However, this type of dining allows you to savor various types of foods in one sitting. Ardent is definitely a restaurant you will want to try. Some of the other more famous establishments in the city include, Lake Park Bistro, Five O’Clock Steakhouse, and Sorella.

The Great Lakes is a truly remarkable destination. The cities throughout this area are vastly different from one another, but are an important part of America. Take the time to explore the intricate nature of each one from the gritty history surrounding Chicago and the industrial influence of Detroit and Milwaukee. Also, take time to wind down in Michigan City to take in the natural influence as well. The Great Lakes are calling, so answer the call.

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