Traveling Across the Great Plains

Posted by: Eva Prada      May 11, 2023


The Great Plains of America are considered, by many, to be merely fly over states, but this area of the country has far more to offer than endless views of flat land and agriculture. If you have yet to travel to the Great Plains, you do not know what you are missing. Next time you decide to take a road trip or fly to a new place, consider disregarding the ideas of mountains or the beach for something you will truly enjoy.

Oklahoma City, OK

Traveling across the great plains - Oklahoma City

As the largest city in Oklahoma, Oklahoma City certainly has a lot to offer. The city currently boasts over 655,000 residents with over 21 million visitors each year. Getting around Oklahoma City, OK is effortless thanks to the city’s investment in public transportation. Unlike other cities that offer extensive transit systems with various buses and trains combing through the city, Oklahoma has chosen to utilize street cars. The seven street cars run 6 days per week offering services on a loop, so most instances, you merely need to walk a little to get to your destination. The system is efficient, clean, and largely more economical than other transit systems.

Oklahoma City, Ok has some truly remarkable history. It is known as a frontier city, and they wear that name proudly. There is even a theme park named for this notion. Frontier City is located just off I-35 and boasts immense entertainment for children of all ages. Not only can you get all the thrills you need for an amazing day, stay in the park during the evening for special shows and events. Events and shows change throughout the year, so make sure to check their website for the dates you will be visiting. If thrills are not what you desire, but you still want to entertain the children, check out the Oklahoma Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

While visiting Oklahoma City, you will see a lot of things, but if you desire a little education while on your trip, venture over to the many museums available within the city. The 45th Infantry Division Museum and National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum showcases the area’s illustrious history, but for something a little odd, check out the Museum of Osteology or the American Banjo Museum. There is something for everyone in Oklahoma City, OK.

Where to eat while on your journey will be a common subject, but thankfully, Oklahoma City is full of exceptional restaurants. One of the more unique restaurants is the Mule. This establishment specializes in grown up children’s menu items, so expect some of the most amped up grilled cheese and macaroni and cheese you have ever tried. Other unique restaurants to try are Cheever’s Café that specializes in updated comfort foods and Tucker’s Onion Burgers that will take you to an enhanced burger experience.

Wichita, KS

Traveling across the great plains - WichitaKansas is known for being a very flat land that attracts its fair share of tornadoes, but this area is much more than that. Wichita, KS boasts a thriving community of almost 400,000 residents in the city proper and 650,000 when counting Wichita’s metro areas. The city is growing every year as more people have begun moving to larger cities that maintain their small-town values. Wichita, KS is certainly one of these places.

Even though Wichita might have small town values, there is plenty to keep you busy in the city. The first thing you may want to do when you arrive is learn a little more about the area you are visiting. The best place to do that is at the Old Cowtown Museum. If it happens to be raining that day, venture over to the Museum of World Treasures and explore a little more about the planet we live on.

When the weather is nice out is when Wichita, KS truly shows off what they have. A trip to the Exploration Place, the local science museum or the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center are ideal for learning. However, if nature is what you seek, take a journey to Sedgwick County Zoo or Botanica – The Wichita Gardens. If the children or adults are looking for something a little more exciting, Wichita, KS even has All Star Adventures which is a 24-acre park filled with adrenaline pumping rides and attractions.

After all the fun and excitement of the day, you will be hungry, and Wichita certainly delivers on where to eat. Redrock Canyon Grill is a staple restaurant that offers substantial portions of stick to your rib’s food such as meatloaf and other classic American favorites. Bite Me BBQ is another can’t miss restaurant that praises Kansas’s rich barbeque history.

Lincoln, NE

Traveling across the great plains - Lincoln, NEThis city may not get the recognition it deserves. Lincoln, Nebraska is an ever-growing entity with a thriving population that has almost reached 300,000 residents. The city is a powerhouse of economic growth and development and an excellent place to enjoy a little middle American relaxation. Lincoln, NE has a lot to offer the weary traveler, so make sure to stop in for a while to take in the sites.

Finding something fun to do in Lincoln, NE is never a problem. You can start with the great outdoors. Lincoln is home to some of the most pristine and beautiful parks on the planet. Wilderness Park is a place where you can bike, hike, fish, and generally enjoy an unspoiled natural environment. Pawnee Lake and State Recreation Are and Holmes Lake are a few more excellent spots for fishing and hiking. Hazel Abel Park is a great place to bring the kids for an afternoon of fun and the spot to view some incredible sculptures.

Sometimes, even on our most enjoyable vacation, the weather can make it impossible to enjoy the great outdoors. Thankfully, Lincoln has a lot of indoor activities to keep everyone busy. Sheldon Museum of Art is a great place to start if you have an art lover in your crew and the University of Nebraska State Museum is an excellent place to learn all about Nebraska. Lincoln also has a few unique museum options such as The Museum of American Speed and USA Roller Sports museum.

The location of Lincoln, NE allows for some amazing restaurant options. The city seems to truly have something for every single pallet, so you will not have any trouble finding something good to eat. For the Italian lover in your group, venture down to Vincenzo’s Ristorante. This establishment specializes in truly homemade Italian cuisine. If a carnivorous experience is what you are looking for, take a trip to Lazlo’s Brewery and Grill. They have classic American meat dishes that will really tempt your taste buds.

Omaha, NE

Traveling across the great plains - Omaha, NEOmaha is by far the largest city in Nebraska with a growing population of almost 500,000. When visiting here you will have plenty of room to explore, but make no mistake about it, Omaha is not a midwestern small town. It is a thriving metropolis with a skyline that simply cannot be beaten. The city was founded in 1854 but has always been a haven for native Indian tribes, railroad workers, and pioneers throughout history. When you visit, you will see why Omaha has been a very popular area throughout the years.

Omaha may be known for its illustrious museums such as the Joslyn Art Museum and Durham Museum, but one aspect of the city that is unique, especially for America, is the castles. Joslyn Castle is one of the very few castles in America and its stunning architecture is something to behold. The castle features immensely well-managed gardens and a very regal ambiance. Take the family to explore all that Joslyn Castle has to offer.

Although Omaha, NE is a thriving city, their emphasis on all things natural can be felt as well. Lauritzen Gardens is just one of the examples of nature working with city life, but if you want to get away from it all while visiting Omaha, take the trip to Zorinsky Lake and Recreation Area. This location provides the chance to get back to nature and recharge. Fishing, hiking, and generally relaxing is permitted in this stunningly well-preserved area.

When your tummy begins to rumble in Omaha, NE, you are never far from an amazing place to get a bite to eat. Block 16 is among the top-rated restaurants in the area offering a casual atmosphere and incredible sandwiches and burgers. Dundee Dell is another can’t miss restaurant. You might not think of a successful seafood place in a landlocked area, but this restaurant delivers fresh, expertly prepared seafood dishes.

The Great Plains are more than just a handful of flat states. They are an important part of American history and deserve to be explored. These areas boast some one-of-a-kind sites and incredible people that invite you in like you are family. When visiting this part of the country be prepared to enjoy your experience from the time you step onto the soil until you are waving your last goodbye.

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