Traveling Across the Nation’s Capital

Posted by: Eva Prada      May 4, 2023


Travel seems to free the soul. Getting out of our ordinary existence to explore new locations is vital to our ultimate happiness and if you have been searching for a new place to explore, why not try the center of government within the US. These areas offer a look into the rich history of our nation and where we are today. Enjoy traveling across the Nation’s Capital.

Washington, DC

Start with the true center for government. Washington, DC is certainly not the largest destination, as it is only 68.34 square miles, but it certainly has a lot to offer. Although DC might be on the smaller scale, its residence boast upwards 702,000, so there is plenty to see and do in this politically rich location. Whether you choose to fly into the DC area or drive yourself, you will be pleased to know that the DC metro offers busses and an impressive metrorail system, so you will always have a great way to get from one place to another.

Travelling Across the Nations Capital - Washington

History is everywhere you look in Washington, DC and it seems, there is a monument for virtually every aspect of American History. Never neglect the chance to see these monuments up close and personal. The Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans, Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, and the Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial are just a few of the many sites to be seen. Also, the White House and Capital building are some can’t-miss attractions.

Apart from various monuments and political entities, Washington, DC is home to a variety of museums. Museums such as the National Museum of American History, National Air and Space Museum, and the National Gallery of Art are housed in Washington, DC. However, if you want a true treat, check out the Smithsonian Museums. There are a staggering 19 Smithsonian museums throughout the area and the best thing about these exhibits, they are free to visit. That is not something you will see too much of in any tourist centered city.

When visiting Washington, DC, you will be pleased to know the dining experiences are by far among the best in the nation. Anju is an example of the classic elegance and style that goes into the restaurant business. The food is a creative mix of creative generous offering a variety of different options from around the globe. Another excellent eatery is called Tonari. This Japanese and Italian cuisine come together here in unique and tasty harmony.

Arlington, VA

Perched on the banks of the Potomac River sits an enjoyable escape from the high energy of Washington DC and surrounding areas. Arlington, VA is, however, no small town. According to the most recent census, the city has grown to a staggering 238,643 residents. People are drawn to various aspects of Arlington, VA including its history, culture, and all inclusive environment. There are plenty of reasons why you may want to venture to Arlington, VA on your next adventure and here are just a few things to look out for.

Travelling Across the Nations Capital - Arlington

Arlington, VA does have some incredible sites to be seen such as the Arlington National Cemetery and countless other historically relevant attractions. However, they also have some museums that are quite unique. Among the more, one of a kind museum experiences is the International Spy Museum. This museum houses various gadgets and gizmos used by some of the more world renowned spies. Keep in mind, these artifacts are actually real and not to be mistaken with those seen on television.

Throughout Arlington, VA, you can find stunning parks and outdoor spaces. This city is catered largely to bikers, joggers, and others who enjoy staying outdoors. The United States Memorial Garden and Meridian Hill Park are just a few of the many outdoor experiences you can enjoy. However, on the rare occasion where the weather does not cooperate, consider going inside for something a little different. Arlington, VA is home to Madame Tussauds. Find your favorite celebrities and meet each one, stunningly replicated in wax.

With all of the exploring you will do while visiting Arlington, VA, you are going to get hungry, and thankfully, this city is one that appreciates a good meal. Seafood lovers should venture over to Chasin Tails. They specialize in Cajun fare and the freshest seafood imaginable. However, if you are looking for more land based culinary delights, Carlyle offers classic steak and American cuisine. There are truly no bad restaurants in Arlington, so enjoy eating your way through the city.  

Alexandria, VA

Although Washington DC and Arlington might be more famous than Alexandria, VA, but this is a destination that should not be missed. The city of Alexandria dates back to 1749. Since then, Alexandria has become a highly attractive entity for both visitors and those looking to relocate to the area without being in the heart of a huge metropolis. Alexandria has been voted among the Best Cities according to Travel and Leisure magazine for 2022, so everyone should certainly take time to visit here.

Travelling Across the Nations Capital - Alexandria

One thing you will immediately notice when you arrive in Alexandria is the amount of centuries-old structures. This city has painstakingly ensured structures are preserved and celebrated for their historic relevance. There is no better place within the city to see stunning architecture from years gone by than King Street. Strolling along this mile long avenue will allow you to have a full appreciation for the elegant beauty of this unique city.

Enjoy art? You will love Alexandria’s illustrious art scene. The Torpedo Factory Art Center is an actual converted torpedo factory from WWII. The space has been altered to house 72 artist studios. It is the largest collection of artist studios in the nation. You can see artisans such as painters, jewelry makers, print makers, and even ceramics. Exhibits from both local and regional artists are on display at this amazing space. You can purchase pieces from your favorite artist.

Alexandria may be among the smaller cities on our list, but residents here know how to cook. While enjoying the history of Alexandria, take time to enjoy the local seafood at establishments such as The Warehouse, The Warf, and The Chart House. If steak is what you crave, venture down to Oak Steakhouse Alexandria. This classic steakhouse will impress with both the food and classic steakhouse décor.

Bethesda, MD

Every town has something they are famous for. Some value industrialization, others may be more famous for their architectural feats, but Bethesda, MD is actually famous for all of these things, in a way. This city has been ranked as the most educated city in the nation.

Travelling Across the Nations Capital - Bethesda

A staggering 79% of adults in Bethesda hold a bachelor’s degree. 49% claim to have higher, professional degrees under their belt. Do not let that intimidate you. Bethesda, MD is a very inviting and enjoyable city to visit, so even if you do not have a higher education degree, enjoy your stay here.

The first place that should be on your list to visit while in Bethesda is Strathmore. This multi-dimensional music center offers the chance to enjoy a variety of music ranging across virtually all genres. The Strathmore is a non-profit entity supported by those who visit, so if you are a lover of the musical arts, check out their website for performances and show times. The Strathmore also partners with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and a number of other music entities, so you can have the chance to see some pretty impressive performances.

Bringing along the little ones on your journey to Bethesda? Enjoy time spent outdoors at the Cabin John Regional Park. The park features endless trails, a Tai Chi Court, campground, ice skating rink, dog park, playground and more. You can spend an entire day exploring this stunningly natural location. Bring along some food to cook on the public grills or pick something up at the many snack bars. If the weather is not cooperating, venture to the KID Museum to let your children explore their creativity and learn a few things about 3D Art.

Bethesda, MD is an eclectic place when it comes to their food scene. Restaurants such as Chef Tony’s Fresh Seafood and Black’s Bar and Kitchen offer standard seafood and steak options, but if you are feeling adventurous, venture out to MonAmi Gabi, Bacchus of Lebanon, or BIBIBOP Asian Grill. You cannot go wrong with the incredible restaurant options throughout Bethesda, MD.

There is so much to see and do in each of these incredible cities. You can enjoy the history and big city living in Washington DC or Arlington, but you can also enjoy a quieter scene in Bethesda and Alexandria. From unique, historic architecture to ultra modern restaurant experiences, you can find it all in this part of the country. Keep an open mind and enjoy all these cities have to offer.

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