Traveling Across the Southern Bayou

Posted by: Eva Prada      April 6, 2023


The southern bayou area has a particular feeling about it that you cannot get anywhere in the world. Classic southern charm mixed with the feeling that everyone belongs is what you can expect from your travels to this part of the country. If you have yet to venture to the southern bayou, make the journey and enjoy these unique and amazing places to visit across the southern bayou.

New Orleans, LA

When you hear the word, “Bayou,” thoughts of Louisiana may come to mind and where there are plenty of attractions throughout the state, there is nothing more bayou based than New Orleans, Louisiana. New Orleans is one of the oldest cities in the nation with rich history, epic dining experiences, and a culture all its own. Traveling to New Orleans is like stepping into a different time. Each time you visit is a bit different, but always memorable.

Southern Bayou - New OrleansStrolling the streets of New Orleans, LA is nothing short of enjoyable. There is so much to see and do. Among the most popular streets is Bourbon Street. The street is a pedestrian only area and caters to every want and desire. There is plenty to drink, endless unique people to see, and experiences you will never forget. Take a stroll down Bourbon Street and do not forget to bring your camera.

New Orleans has a very unique city structure and attractions. The city is built below sea level. This fact makes digging graves a difficult, and in some cases impossible. Therefore, cemeteries in the city have raised mausoleums as opposed to dug graves. Much lure surrounds these cemeteries and the presence of ghostly apparitions have been reported. If you are an avid ghost hunter or just like to feel a little frightened, take a night walk around one of the many cemeteries found throughout the city.

You will do a lot of walking in New Orleans, but thankfully, there are plenty of street cars and busses to get you where you need to be. While on these routes, make sure to take the time to sample one of the many incredible restaurants in this area. Café Du Monde is ideal for a sweet treat or a coffee and if it is time for a substantial meal, consider Acme Oyster House, Old Nola Cookery, or Willie Mae’s Scotch House. Basically, when you are in New Orleans, there are no real bad places to eat, so take your pick and enjoy.

Little Rock, AR

With just over 200,000 residents, Little Rock, AK is not only the capitol city of Arkansas, but the most populated. Little Rock has grown tremendously over the past few years and is not just a stop off destination any longer. There is plenty to do in this city and enough eateries to keep your belly full the whole time.

Southern Bayou  - Little RockConsider taking the kids along for your trip through Little Rock, AR. The little ones will love the Museum of Discovery and the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum. When the sun is shining and you need a little time outdoors, take the family to the Bernice Garden or the Little Rock Zoo. Should the family want to take a leisurely hike, take a walk along the Arkansas River Trail or head to T.R. Pugh Memorial Park. You cannot go wrong with the various outdoor activities found in this beautiful city.

Little Rock has history as a city dating back to November 2, 1835. Throughout the years, many historical sites have become popular. For history buffs, a historic tour through the city is ideal. On your tour make stops at the Little Rock Confederate Memorial, Bridge Battlefield, and Young Memorial. For a little political history, visit the Old State House, Arkansas Governor’s Mansion, or even the Clinton House.

Food in Little Rock is not hard to find and thankfully, this is a city that understands the need for both classic, southern food with a modern twist. For visitors looking to splurge for a celebratory meal, a trip to Arthur’s Prime Steakhouse. Steaks are aged to perfection and options for dining in your very own, private wine cellar are available.

For a bit more casual dining experience, stop in the Three Fold Noodles and Dumpling Co. This eatery features steaming bowls of authentic Chinese noodles with your choice of protein. House made dumplings and fresh steamed buns complete the experience. You will not be disappointed at the level of authenticity and ambiance surrounding this restaurant.

Pine Bluff, AR

Located on the southern end of Arkansas, Pine Bluff is a land of beautiful scenery and various bayous. It is home to the longest bayou in the world. Bayou Bartholomew. It stretches a staggering 364 miles leading down into Louisiana. This area is also among the most aquatically diverse in the United States with more wildlife and water creatures than anywhere else. If you come here, bring your camera and get ready to take some amazing pictures.

Southern Bayou - Pine BluffPine Bluff, Arkansas is an outdoorsman’s dream. Lake Saracen is one of the larger man made lakes in the area. It was created when Bayou Meto was dammed up to create a reservoir for the city. The lake is a fun please to swim or walk trails along the shoreline, but boating and fishing are popular here as well. Again, wildlife is found everywhere in this area, so take plenty of pictures.

Another enjoyable spot for the whole family is Delta Rivers Nature Center. On days where the weather is cooperating, the Delta Rivers Nature Center is ideal. Various trails wind through the park and children can learn about regional animals. Be careful on the trails as you will be encountering some wildlife. It is best to stop by the center first before heading off on the trails. Employees educate visitors about what animals are around and what should be avoided. For the avid outdoorsy family, the Delta Rivers Nature Center is a great experience.

Do you have a train fan in your midst? The Arkansas Railroad Museum is the place to take them when visiting Pine Bluff, AR. The best part about this museum is that it is completely free. They offer a plethora of vintage rail cars and various steam engines to look at. For anyone who is into stories about riding the rails or trains, in general, The Arkansas Railroad Museum will not disappoint. Volunteers are on hand to answer questions and some even offer first hand experience about working on the rail line when it was open and thriving so many years ago.

Your days spent in Pine Bluff, AR will be full of history and excitement, but when it comes time to eat, is when you will truly enjoy the experience. Start your day off right at the Indigo Blue Coffee House for a tasty coffee and pastry. For lunch, head down to Momma’s Diner for some amazing home cooked food. For dinner, there are a few options including Red Oak Steakhouse, Leon’s Catfish and Shrimp Restaurant, Sam’s Southern Eatery, and the Colonial Steak House.

Houston, TX

When traveling through the Southern Bayou, a trip to Houston, TX is certainly in order. This area is known for amazing night life and an almost electric atmosphere. Live bands, amazing accommodations, and exceptional food can be found in this thriving city. However, culture is on the menu as well with museum experience such as the Children’s Museum of Houston, Houston Museum of Natural Science, Art Car Museum, and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

Southern Bayou - HoustonThese museum experiences are great, but possibly the best idea for any family or child at heart is in the Space Center Houston. At the Space Center Houston, you and your child can learn about the mysteries of space. Enjoy exhibits and space themed ride experiences that will keep you entertained all day long. Few cities have space centers within he US, so while in Houston, make sure to stop in for this exceptional adventure.

When the weather is nice, Houston comes alive with various parks dotted throughout the city. The US Bayou Park, Discovery Green, Gerald D Hines Waterfall Park, and Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens are just of few of the many parks your family will enjoy.

Houston, TX is not just about parks and museum experiences. Visitors who enjoy a bit of fun at night will be treated to a variety of nightclubs. A few of the names to remember are the Spire Night Club, Numbers, 77 Degrees, and the Dirt Bar. The club district comes alive at night, so make sure to venture to that part of Houston for a little fun and excitement.

The Southern Bayou is an amazing place to travel and see a lot of interesting things. Take time to explore each city to get the true feel of this remarkable part of the country. Remember to explore the history of each place as many of these areas were important war torn areas from the Civil War. Have fun and enjoy the journey.

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